Total Dairy Program payments in San Luis Obispo County, California totaled $25,412 in 2019

Counties in San Luis Obispo County, California Receiving Total Dairy Program payments, 2019

Rank County Total Dairy Program
Pct of
1Tulare County, California$5,204,53019.5%19.5%
2Merced County, California$4,812,44718.1%37.6%
3Stanislaus County, California$3,639,67313.7%51.2%
4Kings County, California$2,398,0989.0%60.2%
5San Joaquin County, California$2,109,4917.9%68.1%
6Fresno County, California$1,486,0595.6%73.7%
7Sonoma County, California$1,206,0304.5%78.2%
8Kern County, California$1,066,9754.0%82.2%
9Humboldt County, California$848,0393.2%85.4%
10San Bernardino County, California$820,6733.1%88.5%
11Madera County, California$712,2292.7%91.2%
12Sacramento County, California$527,1972.0%93.2%
13Riverside County, California$431,8711.6%94.8%
14Marin County, California$387,7301.5%96.2%
15Glenn County, California$339,6651.3%97.5%
16Tehama County, California$133,2710.5%98.0%
17Del Norte County, California$124,5780.5%98.5%
18Solano County, California$50,8080.2%98.7%
19Mendocino County, California$50,8080.2%98.9%
20San Diego County, California$50,8080.2%99.0%
21Yuba County, California$45,1830.2%99.2%
22Siskiyou County, California$40,5200.2%99.4%
23San Luis Obispo County, California$25,4120.1%99.5%
24Placer County, California$25,4040.1%99.6%
25Santa Barbara County, California$25,4040.1%99.7%
26Yolo County, California$25,4040.1%99.8%
27Los Angeles County, California$25,4040.1%99.8%
28Butte County, California$21,3290.1%99.9%
29Imperial County, California$19,7790.1%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

‡ Data for 2020 includes payments made by USDA through June 30, 2020 and does not include crop insurance premium subsidies.


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