Total Tobacco Transition Payments in Warrick County, Indiana totaled $3,827 in 2010

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Counties in Warrick County, Indiana Receiving Total Tobacco Transition Payments payments, 2010

Rank County Total Tobacco Transition Payments
Pct of
1Jefferson County, Indiana$324,69723.5%23.5%
2Switzerland County, Indiana$274,77019.9%43.4%
3Harrison County, Indiana$109,9708.0%51.3%
4Ohio County, Indiana$93,4116.8%58.1%
5Washington County, Indiana$75,3235.4%63.5%
6Clark County, Indiana$71,0125.1%68.7%
7Spencer County, Indiana$69,7365.0%73.7%
8Ripley County, Indiana$66,5314.8%78.5%
9Franklin County, Indiana$64,6664.7%83.2%
10Jennings County, Indiana$56,6084.1%87.3%
11Dearborn County, Indiana$43,4753.1%90.4%
12Bartholomew County, Indiana$24,2871.8%92.2%
13Scott County, Indiana$24,1851.7%93.9%
14Floyd County, Indiana$15,1171.1%95.0%
15Jackson County, Indiana$13,6021.0%96.0%
16Greene County, Indiana$12,3650.9%96.9%
17Orange County, Indiana$11,0340.8%97.7%
18Crawford County, Indiana$9,8660.7%98.4%
19Lawrence County, Indiana$4,0200.3%98.7%
20Warrick County, Indiana$3,8270.3%99.0%
21Fayette County, Indiana$2,6810.2%99.2%
22Brown County, Indiana$2,3300.2%99.3%
23Decatur County, Indiana$1,6870.1%99.5%
24Owen County, Indiana$1,2950.1%99.6%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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