Misc. Farm - Subsidies payments in Page County, Iowa totaled $12 in 2011

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Counties in Page County, Iowa Receiving Misc. Farm - Subsidies payments, 2011

Rank County Misc. Farm - Subsidies
Pct of
1Grundy County, Iowa$1,10818.6%18.6%
2Dallas County, Iowa$80013.4%32.0%
3Madison County, Iowa$3976.7%38.6%
4Warren County, Iowa$1923.2%41.8%
5Marion County, Iowa$1742.9%44.7%
6Appanoose County, Iowa$1482.5%47.2%
7Decatur County, Iowa$1262.1%49.3%
8Monroe County, Iowa$1061.8%51.1%
9Keokuk County, Iowa$711.2%52.3%
10Emmet County, Iowa$591.0%53.3%
11Guthrie County, Iowa$330.6%53.8%
12Polk County, Iowa$310.5%54.3%
13Shelby County, Iowa$260.4%54.8%
14Allamakee County, Iowa$200.3%55.1%
15Sioux County, Iowa$190.3%55.4%
16Montgomery County, Iowa$190.3%55.7%
17Page County, Iowa$120.2%55.9%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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