Livestock Disaster / Emergency payments in Johnson County, Kentucky totaled $0 in 2011

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Counties in Johnson County, Kentucky Receiving Livestock Disaster / Emergency payments, 2011

Rank County Livestock Disaster / Emergency
Pct of
1Owen County, Kentucky$71,01914.1%14.1%
2Breckinridge County, Kentucky$67,35613.3%27.4%
3Hardin County, Kentucky$45,4399.0%36.4%
4Meade County, Kentucky$40,5568.0%44.4%
5Lincoln County, Kentucky$31,6626.3%50.7%
6Russell County, Kentucky$31,5656.2%56.9%
7Shelby County, Kentucky$21,3044.2%61.2%
8Hancock County, Kentucky$13,7462.7%63.9%
9Pulaski County, Kentucky$12,5982.5%66.4%
10Adair County, Kentucky$11,5632.3%68.7%
11Lewis County, Kentucky$8,5361.7%70.4%
12Madison County, Kentucky$8,0631.6%72.0%
13Clinton County, Kentucky$6,3561.3%73.2%
14Laurel County, Kentucky$5,4341.1%74.3%
15Wayne County, Kentucky$4,0570.8%75.1%
16Rockcastle County, Kentucky$1,9770.4%75.5%
17Casey County, Kentucky$1,1190.2%75.7%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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