Miscellaneous Farm Programs payments in Minnesota totaled $89.7 million from 1995-2023.

Programs included in Miscellaneous Farm Programs payments

Program Total Payments
Sugar Payment-in-kind Diversion Program$64,645,333
Small Hog Operation$12,821,864
Farm Storage - Corn$2,909,069
Apple and Potato Quality Loss$2,861,227
Warehouse Storage - Corn$1,482,701
Interest Penalty Payments$999,755
Apple Market Loss Assistance Program$770,976
Seafood Trade Relief Program$727,614
Potato Diversion$695,787
Farm Storage - Barley$264,710
Organic & Transitional Education and Certification Program$220,044
Warehouse Storage - Sorghum$118,170
Durum Wheat Quality Program$35,125
Food Safety Certification - Specialty Crops$1,774
Warehouse Storage - Barley$230
Farm Storage - Oats$4
Farm Storage - Wheat$-1,960
90 Day - Rule$-5,405
Payment Limitation$-260,957

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