in Missouri totaled $0 from 1995-2014.

Programs included in

Program Total Payments
Total USDA - Subsidies$11,468,243,945
Subtotal, Farming Subsidies$5,864,624,643
Corn Subsidies$3,261,095,441
Subtotal, Conservation Programs$2,419,205,846
Conservation Reserve Program$2,089,646,146
Soybean Subsidies$2,038,251,278
CRP - Annual Land Rental$1,996,511,335
Total Direct Payments$1,966,785,770
Loan Deficiency Payments$1,195,856,788
Production Flexibility Contracts$1,092,664,198
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Corn$1,053,087,664
Wheat Subsidies$1,000,969,888
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Soybeans$960,755,708
Subtotal, Disaster Payments$921,239,108
Cotton Subsidies$680,986,098
Rice Subsidies$577,742,371
Mkt. Loss Asst. - Commodity Crops$575,953,333
Livestock Subsidies$459,617,369
Total Counter Cyclical Payments$400,644,164
Sorghum Subsidies$398,602,961
Livestock Disaster / Emergency$360,022,389
Misc. Disaster Payments$305,753,528
Crop Disaster - Program$272,102,807
Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program$167,563,887
Marketing Loan Gains$132,715,362
SURE - Program Payments$123,593,402
Conservation Security Program$121,051,881
Total Conservation Security Program$121,051,881
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Wheat$116,024,052
Dairy Program Subsidies$101,514,252
Total Commodity Certificates$100,030,123
Deficiency Payments$97,913,971
Env. Quality Incentive Program$91,411,809
EQIP - Regular$82,452,581
Average Crop Revenue Election Program (ACRE)$81,039,798
Oilseed Program$80,385,198
Total Dairy Program$79,407,866
CRP - Cost Share$68,763,611
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Cotton$63,041,400
Emergency Conservation$58,780,205
SURE - 2010 Recovery Act Payments for Crop Year 2008$43,970,485
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Rice$34,652,351
Wetlands Reserve Program$29,909,382
Market Loss Assistance - Non-commodity$23,803,794
WRP - Contract Agreement$22,749,905
Emergency Conservation - Flood$22,223,937
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Sorghum$16,472,465
Emergency Conservation - Drought$14,269,796
CRP - Signing Incentive$12,599,283
CRP - Practice Incentive$12,386,663
Natural Disaster - 1995$11,365,348
Agricultural Conservation Program$10,591,012
Misc. Farm - Subsidies$10,556,069
2009 Crop Disaster Program$10,514,242
Non-insured Assistance$10,228,588
Misc. Conservation Payments$9,332,402
Pasture Recovery Program$8,841,137
Emergency Conservation - Tornado$8,310,384
EQIP - Acp$7,693,413
Tobacco Subsidies$7,693,197
Emergency Conservation - Other$7,172,829
ACP - Regular$7,026,975
Emergency Conservation - Stafford$6,689,062
Grasslands Reserve Program$5,463,479
Grasslands Reserve Program Payment$5,444,301
Total Livestock Indemnity Program$5,396,764
WRP - Cost Share$4,954,911
CRP - Incentives$4,664,066
ACP - Long Term Agreement$3,564,751
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)$2,610,030
WHIP - Contract Agreements$2,610,030
Total Emergency Compensation Program$2,454,280
Emergency Compensation Program - Agi$2,454,280
Barley Subsidies$2,083,037
WRP - Land Capitalized$1,853,885
Interest Penalty Payments$1,568,885
EQIP - Ground And Surface Water$1,265,815
Oat Subsidies$1,125,054
CRP - Transition Assistance Program$1,119,800
Wool Subsidies$1,107,408
Poultry Subsidies$1,015,277
Quality Losses Program$993,383
Sheep Meat Subsidies$972,553
Total Lamb Payments$939,666
Wool And Mohair Programs$938,688
Total Storage Program$915,409
Apple Subsidies$877,481
Mohair Subsidies$548,733
Soil And Water Agricultural Asst Program$472,243
Peanut Subsidies$339,597
Sunflower Subsidies$257,446
WRP - Partner Restoration And Easments$241,012
CRP - Wetlands$225,078
Apple and Potato Quality Loss$183,034
Tobacco Payment Program$167,294
Honey Subsidies$164,582
Total Ldp-like Grazing Payments$135,536
Tree Subsidies$127,052
Emergency Conservation - Hurricane$114,197
WRP - Easment$108,362
Tree Assistance - Total$108,030
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Barley$37,393
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Oats$36,419
Canola Subsidies$20,423
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Canola$20,423
GRP - Partners Easement Trust$19,178
Disaster Reserve - Flood Compensation$9,311
Flax Subsidies$8,289
Market Loss Assistance - Fresh Asparagus$6,850
Market Loss Assistance - Other$3,757
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Peanuts$1,326
Sesame Subsidies$1,046
CRP - Annual Rental, Refund$-4,361
CRP - Corn Bonus$-5,275
Disaster Supplemental$-59,091
Direct Payment Program Limitation$-75,354
Direct Payment - Late Fees$-150,530
Payment Limitation$-156,980
CRP - Failure To Comply$-519,500
Disaster Assistance$-747,286
CRP - Haying / Grazing$-6,095,506

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