Conservation Reserve Program payments in Lea County, New Mexico totaled $1.3 million in 2010

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Counties in Lea County, New Mexico Receiving Conservation Reserve Program payments, 2010

Rank County Conservation Reserve Program
Pct of
1Curry County, New Mexico$6,552,90436.3%36.3%
2Roosevelt County, New Mexico$5,416,25330.0%66.3%
3Quay County, New Mexico$3,535,11219.6%85.9%
4Lea County, New Mexico$1,255,3447.0%92.9%
5Union County, New Mexico$673,4463.7%96.6%
6Harding County, New Mexico$341,0951.9%98.5%
7Torrance County, New Mexico$82,0840.5%98.9%
8Colfax County, New Mexico$68,6940.4%99.3%
9San Miguel County, New Mexico$38,2640.2%99.5%
10DeBaca County, New Mexico$26,8980.1%99.7%
11Cibola County, New Mexico$22,6210.1%99.8%
12McKinley County, New Mexico$12,8290.1%99.9%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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