Subtotal, Disaster Payments in Van Wert County, Ohio totaled $14,280 in 2018

Counties in Van Wert County, Ohio Receiving Subtotal, Disaster Payments payments, 2018

Rank County Subtotal, Disaster Payments
Pct of
1Licking County, Ohio$218,49614.5%14.5%
2Henry County, Ohio$148,6489.8%24.3%
3Erie County, Ohio$133,0058.8%33.1%
4Meigs County, Ohio$91,9086.1%39.2%
5Ottawa County, Ohio$88,4795.9%45.1%
6Lorain County, Ohio$84,3755.6%50.7%
7Huron County, Ohio$83,4235.5%56.2%
8Wood County, Ohio$82,7035.5%61.7%
9Ashtabula County, Ohio$80,2385.3%67.0%
10Coshocton County, Ohio$67,6394.5%71.5%
11Washington County, Ohio$46,9603.1%74.6%
12Paulding County, Ohio$36,8092.4%77.0%
13Lake County, Ohio$36,3792.4%79.4%
14Fairfield County, Ohio$36,0702.4%81.8%
15Jackson County, Ohio$29,8482.0%83.8%
16Morgan County, Ohio$29,4151.9%85.7%
17Muskingum County, Ohio$24,0411.6%87.3%
18Scioto County, Ohio$16,8331.1%88.4%
19Lawrence County, Ohio$15,1561.0%89.4%
20Lucas County, Ohio$14,8781.0%90.4%
21Van Wert County, Ohio$14,2800.9%91.4%
22Ashland County, Ohio$13,4500.9%92.3%
23Hancock County, Ohio$11,9610.8%93.1%
24Geauga County, Ohio$10,6370.7%93.8%
25Hocking County, Ohio$9,8780.7%94.4%
26Brown County, Ohio$9,6630.6%95.1%
27Preble County, Ohio$8,6870.6%95.6%
28Summit County, Ohio$7,1440.5%96.1%
29Adams County, Ohio$6,5470.4%96.5%
30Union County, Ohio$6,3770.4%97.0%
31Harrison County, Ohio$3,9860.3%97.2%
32Holmes County, Ohio$3,8740.3%97.5%
33Sandusky County, Ohio$3,6980.2%97.7%
34Putnam County, Ohio$3,5940.2%98.0%
35Richland County, Ohio$3,3190.2%98.2%
36Wayne County, Ohio$3,3100.2%98.4%
37Knox County, Ohio$2,8800.2%98.6%
38Williams County, Ohio$2,7110.2%98.8%
39Carroll County, Ohio$2,5160.2%98.9%
40Crawford County, Ohio$2,4320.2%99.1%
41Delaware County, Ohio$2,3640.2%99.3%
42Butler County, Ohio$1,5270.1%99.4%
43Athens County, Ohio$1,5120.1%99.5%
44Seneca County, Ohio$1,4400.1%99.6%
45Warren County, Ohio$1,4060.1%99.7%
46Pickaway County, Ohio$1,3780.1%99.7%
47Franklin County, Ohio$1,0940.1%99.8%
48Logan County, Ohio$6380.0%99.9%
49Perry County, Ohio$5540.0%99.9%
50Montgomery County, Ohio$4660.0%99.9%
51Medina County, Ohio$3190.0%99.9%
52Auglaize County, Ohio$2900.0%100.0%
53Columbiana County, Ohio$2360.0%100.0%
54Mercer County, Ohio$1670.0%100.0%
55Clinton County, Ohio$650.0%100.0%
56Tuscarawas County, Ohio$300.0%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

‡ Data for 2020 includes payments made by USDA through June 30, 2020 and does not include crop insurance premium subsidies.


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