in Castro County, Texas totaled $0 from 1995-2014.

Programs included in

Program Total Payments
Total USDA - Subsidies$530,598,370
Subtotal, Farming Subsidies$315,005,475
Cotton Subsidies$166,919,008
Corn Subsidies$141,497,983
Total Direct Payments$91,904,927
Subtotal, Conservation Programs$75,758,753
Wheat Subsidies$74,661,884
Conservation Reserve Program$73,279,495
Production Flexibility Contracts$71,755,657
CRP - Annual Land Rental$71,105,226
Total Counter Cyclical Payments$53,282,378
Loan Deficiency Payments$43,014,778
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Cotton$42,293,063
Subtotal, Disaster Payments$40,192,578
Mkt. Loss Asst. - Commodity Crops$36,496,366
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Wheat$30,360,940
Misc. Disaster Payments$27,332,815
Sorghum Subsidies$26,435,377
Crop Disaster - Program$24,606,280
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Corn$17,620,548
Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program$10,008,818
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Sorghum$8,115,449
SURE - Program Payments$7,586,219
Total Commodity Certificates$6,214,545
Deficiency Payments$5,723,382
Livestock Subsidies$2,907,037
CRP - Cost Share$2,750,588
SURE - 2010 Recovery Act Payments for Crop Year 2008$2,422,599
Env. Quality Incentive Program$2,383,794
Dairy Program Subsidies$2,294,872
Total Dairy Program$2,177,559
Livestock Disaster / Emergency$1,948,370
EQIP - Regular$1,272,344
Natural Disaster - 1995$999,642
EQIP - Ground And Surface Water$907,924
Soybean Subsidies$885,003
Non-insured Assistance$847,945
Quality Losses Program$639,709
Average Crop Revenue Election Program (ACRE)$535,432
Marketing Loan Gains$451,174
Total Ldp-like Grazing Payments$403,308
Barley Subsidies$298,538
2009 Crop Disaster Program$245,242
Sunflower Subsidies$205,502
EQIP - Acp$203,527
Market Loss Assistance - Non-commodity$195,864
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Soybeans$165,454
Peanut Subsidies$159,218
Wool Subsidies$132,634
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Sunflowers$128,120
ACP - Regular$95,463
Agricultural Conservation Program$95,463
Oilseed Program$85,370
Sheep Meat Subsidies$66,203
Oat Subsidies$64,599
Total Lamb Payments$55,923
Total Livestock Indemnity Program$54,452
Total Storage Program$31,609
Interest Penalty Payments$30,791
Wool And Mohair Programs$25,211
CRP - Incentives$6,617
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Barley$4,670
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Oats$3,464
Misc. Farm - Subsidies$1,340
Direct Payment - Late Fees$-600
Payment Limitation$-36,577
CRP - Haying / Grazing$-582,854

Farm Subsidies Education