in Utah totaled $0 from 1995-2014.

Programs included in

Program Total Payments
Total USDA - Subsidies$730,840,402
Subtotal, Conservation Programs$274,832,143
Subtotal, Farming Subsidies$239,890,824
Subtotal, Disaster Payments$185,458,740
Conservation Reserve Program$127,637,481
CRP - Annual Land Rental$123,576,932
Wheat Subsidies$112,528,766
Env. Quality Incentive Program$109,729,785
EQIP - Regular$96,581,342
Livestock Subsidies$94,857,555
Misc. Disaster Payments$90,524,209
Livestock Disaster / Emergency$74,388,603
Total Direct Payments$65,957,803
Non-insured Assistance$51,679,004
Dairy Program Subsidies$50,031,525
Production Flexibility Contracts$46,748,683
Total Dairy Program$40,305,349
Corn Subsidies$35,338,752
Crop Disaster - Program$35,186,489
Barley Subsidies$33,703,489
Loan Deficiency Payments$24,647,136
Mkt. Loss Asst. - Commodity Crops$24,054,157
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Wheat$17,102,222
Wool Subsidies$14,730,685
Conservation Security Program$14,092,224
Total Conservation Security Program$14,092,224
Market Loss Assistance - Non-commodity$12,722,720
Grasslands Reserve Program Payment$8,015,604
Grasslands Reserve Program$8,015,604
Wool And Mohair Programs$7,324,268
Sheep Meat Subsidies$6,046,811
Total Lamb Payments$5,965,229
EQIP - Acp$5,780,547
EQIP - Ground And Surface Water$5,556,269
Emergency Conservation$5,433,806
CRP - Cost Share$4,761,993
Misc. Conservation Payments$4,226,262
Total Counter Cyclical Payments$4,045,531
Agricultural Conservation Program$3,780,400
Agricultural Management Assistance Progr$3,558,029
Emergency Conservation - Drought$3,121,275
Natural Disaster - 1995$2,958,383
Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program$2,597,120
Total Livestock Indemnity Program$2,449,518
ACP - Regular$2,025,980
Safflower Subsidies$2,000,683
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Corn$1,902,929
EQIP - Col. River Salinity$1,811,627
ACP - Long Term Agreement$1,757,920
Deficiency Payments$1,646,998
Misc. Farm - Subsidies$1,591,954
Emergency Conservation - Flood$1,579,897
SURE - Program Payments$1,443,556
Oat Subsidies$1,355,111
Apple Subsidies$1,340,474
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)$1,312,649
WHIP - Contract Agreements$1,312,649
SURE - 2010 Recovery Act Payments for Crop Year 2008$1,153,564
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Safflower$1,139,806
Marketing Loan Gains$1,043,363
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Barley$805,202
Average Crop Revenue Election Program (ACRE)$795,119
Emergency Conservation - Other$620,749
Wetlands Reserve Program$603,932
Disaster Reserve Assistance$553,377
Oilseed Program$476,397
Sorghum Subsidies$418,003
Colorado River Salinity Program$355,622
WRP - Easment$339,624
Soil And Water Agricultural Asst Program$301,744
WRP - Contract Agreement$264,307
Quality Losses Program$204,761
Honey Subsidies$189,656
Total Emergency Compensation Program$90,493
Emergency Compensation Program - Agi$90,493
Mohair Subsidies$69,579
Interest Penalty Payments$64,849
CRP - Practice Incentive$41,700
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Oats$32,734
Potato Subsidies$32,573
CRP - Signing Incentive$31,023
Sunflower Subsidies$29,663
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Sunflowers$25,048
Apple and Potato Quality Loss$16,893
Fish Subsidies$15,612
Total Agricultural Trade Adjustment Assistance Program$15,612
Soybean Subsidies$11,129
Total Ldp-like Grazing Payments$5,105
Hard Winter Wheat Incentive Program$4,963
Canola Subsidies$4,206
Mustard Seed Subsidies$501
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Mustard Seed$501
Flax Subsidies$143
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Flax$143
Disaster Supplemental$-8,879
Direct Payment - Late Fees$-9,119
CRP - Failure To Comply$-51,708
CRP - Haying / Grazing$-722,391

Farm Subsidies Education