Dairy Program Subsidies in Wisconsin totaled $14.1 million in 2010

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Congressional Districts in Wisconsin Receiving dairy program subsidies, 2010

Rank District Dairy Program Subsidies
Pct of
13rd District of Wisconsin (Rep. Ron Kind)$3,005,44321.3%21.3%
27th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Sean P.Duffy)$2,975,38121.1%42.3%
38th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Reid J.Ribble)$2,530,41317.9%60.3%
46th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Thomas E.Petri)$2,275,78016.1%76.4%
52nd District of Wisconsin (Rep. Mark Pocan)$2,231,79215.8%92.2%
65th District of Wisconsin (Rep. F. JamesSensenbrenner)$713,7895.1%97.2%
71st District of Wisconsin (Rep. Paul Ryan)$275,4872.0%99.2%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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