Conservation Reserve Program payments in 1st District of Kenucky (Rep. James Comer) totaled $473 million from 1995-2023.

Programs included in Conservation Reserve Program payments

Program Total Payments
CRP - Annual Land Rental$411,244,920
CRP - Cost Share$37,983,024
CRP - Practice Incentive$18,846,036
CRP - Signing Incentive Payment$3,632,010
CRP - Continuous Practice Incentive Payment$1,244,550
CRP - Transistion Incentive Payment$704,993
CRP - Forestry Management Incentive$11,992
CRP - Wetlands Restoration Payment$2,995
CRP - Corn Bonus$-4,005
CRP - Failure To Comply$-105,470
CRP - Haying / Grazing$-296,360

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