Tree Assistance - Total payments in the United States totaled $9.4 million in 2011

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Counties in the United States Receiving Tree Assistance - Total payments, 2011

Rank County Tree Assistance - Total
Pct of
1Dade County, Florida$2,693,31328.7%28.7%
2Butte County, California$1,558,72716.6%45.3%
3Glenn County, California$466,6475.0%50.3%
4Palm Beach County, Florida$419,5124.5%54.8%
5Indian River County, Florida$387,4934.1%58.9%
6Ottawa County, Michigan$219,5462.3%61.2%
7Lee County, Florida$214,2552.3%63.5%
8Mesa County, Colorado$193,9482.1%65.6%
9Okanogan County, Washington$166,5601.8%67.4%
10Saint Lucie County, Florida$137,1881.5%68.8%
11Martin County, Florida$112,4891.2%70.0%
12Highlands County, Florida$103,4581.1%71.1%
13Kent County, Michigan$100,5751.1%72.2%
14Umatilla County, Oregon$87,9720.9%73.1%
15Van Buren County, Michigan$79,4120.8%74.0%
16Polk County, Florida$78,5110.8%74.8%
17Hood River County, Oregon$37,9830.4%75.2%
18Door County, Wisconsin$22,7660.2%75.5%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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