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Total Costs (see methodology) by County in Mendocino County, California

Total Costs (see methodology)
CountyTotal Costs (see methodology)
Fresno County, California$657,371,305184,890
Kern County, California$486,106,48552,338
Tulare County, California$272,754,094113,265
San Joaquin County, California$263,956,90063,938
Kings County, California$212,968,51730,230
Sutter County, California$170,418,00037,285
Madera County, California$112,303,33334,129
Merced County, California$101,444,86335,958
Stanislaus County, California$89,738,45332,657
Butte County, California$87,035,17023,513
Yolo County, California$80,246,66823,527
Ventura County, California$66,600,91722,381
Colusa County, California$60,188,72828,262
San Luis Obispo County, California$56,030,4179,266
Glenn County, California$54,564,23820,144
Yuba County, California$51,968,4577,572
Riverside County, California$50,291,02410,649
Imperial County, California$44,981,8523,845
Sonoma County, California$44,204,63415,120
Tehama County, California$35,113,8447,504
Sacramento County, California$35,009,62413,105
San Diego County, California$29,632,45810,848
Monterey County, California$25,081,7293,877
Modoc County, California$24,461,2324,444
Napa County, California$23,164,4379,734
Santa Clara County, California$22,078,013812
Santa Barbara County, California$21,759,3775,046
San Benito County, California$20,760,1231,751
Siskiyou County, California$16,680,8325,153
Placer County, California$16,082,1601,913
Solano County, California$14,469,92213,034
Lake County, California$12,040,0522,893
Contra Costa County, California$11,177,6401,554
Mendocino County, California$10,856,3553,200
Lassen County, California$8,308,358699
Mono County, California$4,050,07651
El Dorado County, California$3,188,5341,414
San Bernardino County, California$3,126,2892,704
Orange County, California$2,900,533409
Shasta County, California$2,621,288833
Los Angeles County, California$2,535,912406
Unknown county in California$2,485,908532
Plumas County, California$2,047,737137
Calaveras County, California$1,909,094541
Amador County, California$1,740,868785
Humboldt County, California$1,723,71261
Alameda County, California$1,315,475495
Santa Cruz County, California$815,920561
Nevada County, California$582,97837
Marin County, California$353,73076
Mariposa County, California$329,37250
San Mateo County, California$222,60345
Sierra County, California$113,28452
Tuolumne County, California$102,56930

METHODOLOGY: EWG obtained county level crop insurance information from USDA Risk Management Agency which shows premium subsidies, indemnities and farmer premiums at the county/crop level by crop year. Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements to crop insurance companies (A+O), Other program fund costs, Other administrative and operating fund costs expenses, and Government earned interest were allocated to the crop/county level by using the national expenditures/revenue of the Crop Insurance program (available here for 2008-2017 and from RMA previous to 2008) in each category and attributing them the crop/county level by total premiums. EWG was unable to attribute underwriting gains to the county/crop level. Underwriting gains (or losses) are paid to insurance companies when the insurance companies collect more in total subsidies than are paid out in indemnities. Since underwriting gains are paid by company on the basis of all of their policies, EWG was unable to allocate underwriting gains by crop or by region. The total underwriting gains for 1995-2018 is $14.6 billion.


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