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Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements by County in Charlotte County, Virginia

Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements
CountyAdministrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements
Accomack County, Virginia$10,915,0618,185
Southampton County, Virginia$10,319,81824,669
Northampton County, Virginia$9,026,8288,755
Pittsylvania County, Virginia$6,428,28216,323
Caroline County, Virginia$5,250,8725,474
Essex County, Virginia$4,922,9324,536
Sussex County, Virginia$4,663,3819,746
Westmoreland County, Virginia$4,210,3615,781
Suffolk City, Virginia$4,171,1357,239
Hanover County, Virginia$4,006,8185,181
King William County, Virginia$3,995,1374,379
Northumberland County, Virginia$3,793,0904,951
Albemarle County, Virginia$3,732,708668
Halifax County, Virginia$3,704,28514,652
Isle of Wight County, Virginia$3,674,0937,880
Greensville County, Virginia$3,582,8017,125
King and Queen County, Virginia$3,472,4354,587
Surry County, Virginia$3,255,4245,297
Mecklenburg County, Virginia$3,183,0207,636
Richmond County, Virginia$3,066,1745,937
Franklin County, Virginia$2,929,0054,131
Dinwiddie County, Virginia$2,875,9626,526
Frederick County, Virginia$2,648,1421,915
Rockingham County, Virginia$2,449,3305,336
Shenandoah County, Virginia$2,339,0754,693
Augusta County, Virginia$2,082,8134,177
Amelia County, Virginia$1,990,5954,083
Brunswick County, Virginia$1,895,3526,043
Chesapeake City, Virginia$1,841,4771,659
Charlotte County, Virginia$1,713,53610,420
Fauquier County, Virginia$1,650,0822,703
Lancaster County, Virginia$1,598,6503,387
Prince George County, Virginia$1,518,4913,961
Charles City County, Virginia$1,488,0381,405
Middlesex County, Virginia$1,451,7421,834
Campbell County, Virginia$1,400,0757,499
Goochland County, Virginia$1,346,0991,522
Culpeper County, Virginia$1,260,0002,692
Lunenburg County, Virginia$1,251,9474,400
Nelson County, Virginia$1,247,392324
Orange County, Virginia$1,146,4831,663
Henrico County, Virginia$1,138,7171,362
Scott County, Virginia$1,116,6747,966
Virginia Beach City, Virginia$1,053,144753
Carroll County, Virginia$1,004,2901,032
Gloucester County, Virginia$982,8881,813
New Kent County, Virginia$939,0211,647
Madison County, Virginia$852,6951,854
Louisa County, Virginia$831,1962,495
King George County, Virginia$827,4991,832
Washington County, Virginia$825,3456,723
Loudoun County, Virginia$820,3491,798
Patrick County, Virginia$785,9372,097
Spotsylvania County, Virginia$763,3422,169
Bedford County, Virginia$735,5812,040
Unknown county in Virginia$732,990591
Botetourt County, Virginia$696,800884
Clarke County, Virginia$685,1461,581
Russell County, Virginia$678,3925,049
Prince Edward County, Virginia$607,0084,033
Powhatan County, Virginia$605,5771,031
Nottoway County, Virginia$605,4421,808
Lee County, Virginia$443,3575,133
Cumberland County, Virginia$443,1441,331
Rockbridge County, Virginia$437,8651,491
Fluvanna County, Virginia$437,7721,123
Appomattox County, Virginia$419,9933,027
Amherst County, Virginia$397,310151
Page County, Virginia$363,0121,325
Stafford County, Virginia$347,658761
Prince William County, Virginia$318,096650
James City County, Virginia$314,487551
Smyth County, Virginia$312,5712,724
Wythe County, Virginia$298,516713
Buckingham County, Virginia$294,3261,103
Chesterfield County, Virginia$279,552909
Montgomery County, Virginia$200,872480
Grayson County, Virginia$178,8151,999
Mathews County, Virginia$177,684510
Henry County, Virginia$165,533569
Rappahannock County, Virginia$163,241505
Floyd County, Virginia$157,762366
Bath County, Virginia$59,328171
Alleghany County, Virginia$45,361204
Craig County, Virginia$37,540190
Greene County, Virginia$32,427226
Warren County, Virginia$28,870219
Roanoke County, Virginia$25,345119
Pulaski County, Virginia$20,906110
Buchanan County, Virginia$17,731395
Tazewell County, Virginia$15,029257
Wise County, Virginia$13,159116
Bland County, Virginia$11,572303
Dickenson County, Virginia$9,609140
Highland County, Virginia$8,26481
Giles County, Virginia$5,67235

METHODOLOGY: EWG obtained county level crop insurance information from USDA Risk Management Agency which shows premium subsidies, indemnities and farmer premiums at the county/crop level by crop year. Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements to crop insurance companies (A+O), Other program fund costs, Other administrative and operating fund costs expenses, and Government earned interest were allocated to the crop/county level by using the national expenditures/revenue of the Crop Insurance program (available here for 2008-2017 and from RMA previous to 2008) in each category and attributing them the crop/county level by total premiums. EWG was unable to attribute underwriting gains to the county/crop level. Underwriting gains (or losses) are paid to insurance companies when the insurance companies collect more in total subsidies than are paid out in indemnities. Since underwriting gains are paid by company on the basis of all of their policies, EWG was unable to allocate underwriting gains by crop or by region. The total underwriting gains for 1995-2018 is $14.6 billion.


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