Barry Street


USDA subsidy information for Barry Street

Payment Breakdown

Subsidy ProgramTotal Payments 1995-2021
Total Commodity Programs$2,787,442
Total Conservation Programs$177,737
Total Disaster Programs$455,609

Commodity subsidy breakdown

Subsidy ProgramTotal Payments 1995-2021
Total Commodity Programs$2,787,442
Coronavirus Food Assistance Program - Round 1$6,619
    CFAP Round 1 Payments$4,818
    CFAP Round 1 - Top up payment for cattle$1,801
Coronavirus Food Assistance Program - Round 2$96,340
    CFAP Round 2 Payments$53,134
    CFAP Round 2 - Top up payment for acreage based commodities$43,206
Market Facilitation Program (MFP)$213,766
    Market Facilitation Program Payment (MFP) - Non-specialty crops$213,766
Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) Program$14,525
    Agricultural Risk Coverage County Payment (ARC-CO)$14,525
Price Loss Coverage Program (PLC)$442,369
    Price Loss Coverage Program Payments (PLC)$442,369
Direct Payment Program$466,289
    Direct Payment - Barley$96
    Direct Payment - Corn$16,170
    Direct Payment - Oats$51
    Direct Payment - Peanuts$62,399
    Direct Payment - Sorghum$23,726
    Direct Payment - Soybeans$641
    Direct Payment - Upland Cotton$341,759
    Direct Payment - Wheat$21,447
Counter Cyclical Program$418,002
    Counter Cyclical Payment - Barley$11
    Counter Cyclical Payment - Oats$0
    Counter Cyclical Payment - Peanuts$74,431
    Counter Cyclical Payment - Sorghum$3,181
    Counter Cyclical Payment - Cotton$340,379
    Counter Cyclical Payment - Wheat$0
Production Flexibility Program$192,503
    Production Flexibility - Barley$26
    Production Flexibility - Corn$47,599
    Production Flexibility - Oats$19
    Production Flexibility - Sorghum$8,529
    Production Flexibility - Upland Cotton$96,478
    Production Flexibility - Wheat$39,852
Market Loss Assistance Program$118,679
    Market Loss Assistance - Barley$20
    Market Loss Assistance - Corn$30,258
    Market Loss Assistance - Oats$14
    Market Loss Assistance - Sorghum$5,030
    Market Loss Assistance - Upland Cotton$54,006
    Market Loss Assistance - Wheat$29,351
Deficiency Payment$8,407
    Deficiency Payment - Corn$6,851
    Deficiency Payment - Upland Cotton$-1,969
    Deficiency Payment - Sorghum$1,508
    Deficiency Payment - Wheat$2,017
Loan Deficiency$297,088
    Loan Deficiency - Corn$1,137
    Loan Deficiency - Upland Cotton$288,282
    Loan Deficiency - Sorghum$2,166
    Loan Deficiency - Wheat$5,502
Commodity Certificates$303,199
    Commodity Certificates - Coop Cotton$303,199
LDP-like Grazing Payments$1,154
    LDP-like Grazing Payments - Wheat$1,154
Market Gains$125,967
    Marketing Gains - Warehouse Stored$16,552
    Marketing Gains - Commodity Certificate$101,815
    Marketing Gains - Storage Forgiven$7,600
Miscellaneous Farm Programs$37
    Interest Penalty Payments$37
Cotton Ginning Program$48,940
    Cotton Ginning Cost Share Payment$48,940
Cotton Transistion Assistance Program$33,558
    Cotton Transistion Assistance Payment$33,558

Conservation subsidy breakdown

Subsidy ProgramTotal Payments 1995-2021
Total Conservation Programs$177,737
Conservation Reserve Program$177,737
    CRP - Annual Land Rental$182,023
    CRP - Haying / Grazing$-4,286

Disaster subsidy breakdown

Subsidy ProgramTotal Payments 1995-2021
Total Disaster Programs$455,609
Crop Disaster Assistance Program$200,464
    Crop Disaster Assistance Payments$200,464
Non-insured Disaster Assistance$8,677
    Non-insured Assistance Payment$8,677
Wildfires and Hurricane Indemnity Program Payments$73,824
    Wildfires and Hurricane Indemnity Program Payments - Milk Loss$73,824
Livestock Disaster and Emergency Programs$5,561
    Livestock Compensation Program$1,554
    Emergency Livestock Feed Assistance$4,007
Livestock Forage Disaster Program$63,506
    Livestock Forage Disaster Payments$63,506
SURE - 2010 Recovery Act Program$100,000
    SURE - Program Payments$100,000
Miscellaneous Disaster Programs$3,577
    Natural Disaster - 1995$2,523
    Quality Losses Program$1,054

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