Pleasant Valley Colony


USDA subsidy information for Pleasant Valley Colony

Addresses on file with USDA for Pleasant Valley Colony

This recipient received $4,114,733 in farm subsidies directly from USDA. Below we list the addresses of the recipient along with others at the same address. Note: Although the city, state and zipcode of records below may match, each address is unique.

Recipient name City, State Years
Pleasant Valley ColonyBelt, MT 594121996-2023
    Other recipients at this address:Paul P Wipf
Helen J Hofer
Helen J Wipf
Sarah S Hofer
Theresa P Hofer
Susan S Wipf
Susanna S Wipf
Elias S Wipf
Annie S Wipf
Mary D Wipf
Mary J Hofer
Elizabeth D Waldner
Peter J Waldner
Rebecca S Hofer
Sam D Wipf
Peter J Hofer
Tobias J Waldner
Mathilda J Wipf
Susie D Wipf
Rachel S Waldner
Anna J Wipf
Tim P Wipf
Justina P Wipf
Leah J Wipf
Savanna J Wipf
Samuel S Wipf
Linda J Wipf
Ester S Wipf
Mary J Wipf
Ted J Waldner
Clara J Wipf
Michael S Wipf
Ronnie J Waldner
John J Waldner
Elisabeth J Wipf
Susanna J Waldner
Rachel J Waldner
John J Waldner
Elisabeth J Wipf
Rebecca J Wipf
Annie J Wipf
Rachel J Wipf
Mary J Waldner
Susie J Wipf
Jacob J Wipf
Paul P Wipf
Rebecca P Wipf
David P Wipf
Elisabeth D Wipf
Jacob P Hofer
Sam J Wipf
Jacob S Wipf
Peter G Waldner
Ben D Wipf
Phillip P Wipf
Mary P Wipf
Magdalena P Waldner
Julia J Wipf
Sarah J Waldner
Michael J Hofer
Peter D Wipf
Rosa J Wipf
Martin J Wipf
Lydia P Wipf
Bertha J Waldner
Rebecca P Waldner
Rachel P Waldner
Laura J Waldner
Rosa J Waldner
Steven J Wipf
Sam J Wipf
Levi P Waldner
Caleb S Wipf
Don P Waldner
John S Wipf
Mark P Wipf
Diane J Waldner
Joshua S Wipf
Jason B Wipf
Kevin P Wipf
Travis J Waldner
Jeremy J Waldner
Rachel P Wipf
Lawrence S Wipf
Katie T Waldner
Abigail P Wipf
Jesse P Wipf
Edna B Wipf
Phillip P Wipf
Ryan P Wipf
Jacob J Waldner
Leona Wipf
Jaden Wipf
Debbie S Wipf
Tyler P Wipf
Maryann T Waldner
Leah P Hofer
Brandon T Wipf
Maria Wipf
Rick T Waldner
Jared P Hofer
Adam S Wipf
Thomas T Wipf
Darren T Waldner
Darren Waldner
Donna B Wipf
Marie J Waldner
Lisa P Hofer
Dinah P Wipf
Jacob J Waldner
Justin P Waldner
Lucas Waldner
Nella B Wipf
Nella Wipf
Michelle Hofer
Johathan Wipf
Jonathan M Wipf
Joann L Wipf
Peter P Hofer
Lorna Hofer
Lorna M Hofer
Rhonda T Wipf
Adrian Wipf
Arnie Wipf
Karen L Wipf
Karen Wipf
Randy P Wipf
Aaron Wipf
Ken Wipf
Rhoda Waldner
Martin M Wipf
Linda Hofer
Ruth S Wipf
Joshua Waldner
Austin T Wipf
Jeffrey T. Wipf
Jeffrey Wipf
Rachel Hofer
Rachel J. Hofer
Edward Waldner
Joseph J Waldner
Cody M Wipf
Joe J Waldner
Heidi S Wipf
Miriam J Hofer
Jesiah P Waldner
Peter T Wipf
Gloria M Hofer
Derek P Wipf
Noah S Wipf
Toby T Waldner
Cameron T Wipf
Jeremiah P Wipf
Robert J Hofer
Adrianna T Wipf
Ben B Wipf
Mariah T Wipf
Pauline L Wipf

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