Kristin J Latham


USDA subsidy information for Kristin J Latham

Addresses on file with USDA for Kristin J Latham

This recipient received $369,333 in farm subsidies directly from USDA. Below we list the addresses of the recipient along with others at the same address. Note: Although the city, state and zipcode of records below may match, each address is unique.

Recipient name City, State Years
Kristin J LathamTolleson, AZ 853532004-2016
    Other recipients at this address:Pioneer Ranches - $9,367,844
Salt River Farming - $3,984,906
Cactus Lane Farming - $3,244,988
Will Rousseau
Leslie Ann Rousseau
Rousseau Farming Co II - $9,367,844
Lindsey Hunt - $161,697
Lindsey Rousseau - $161,697
Lindsey Rousseau-hunt - $161,697
Jenna Rousseau
Dale C Nelson
Jay E Jurgemeyer
Brett T Hunt
Aaron J Latham
Charles E Montgomery Jr
Lindsley H Evans
Kevin J Harrison
Kristin J RousseauPhoenix, AZ 850672000-2003
    Other recipients at this address:Leslie Ann Rousseau
Lindsey Rousseau - $161,697

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