Miscellaneous Farm Programs payments in the United States totaled $1.2 billion from 1995-2023.

Programs included in Miscellaneous Farm Programs payments

Program Total Payments
Seafood Trade Relief Program$299,527,183
Apple Market Loss Assistance Program$261,540,987
Sugar Payment-in-kind Diversion Program$192,933,223
Peanut Marketing Assistance$172,798,128
Small Hog Operation$122,137,432
Apple and Potato Quality Loss$35,569,086
Interest Penalty Payments$27,799,349
Potato Diversion$16,547,186
Farm Storage - Corn$13,833,964
Options Pilot Program$12,268,760
Emergency Compensation Program - AGI$9,240,205
Warehouse Storage - Corn$5,108,043
Idaho Oust Program$4,888,638
Organic & Transitional Education and Certification Program$3,329,997
Durum Wheat Quality Program$2,800,435
Poultry Enteritis Mortality Syndrome Pro$1,784,523
Farm Storage - Barley$1,119,885
Warehouse Storage - Sorghum$334,151
Food Safety Certification - Specialty Crops$313,381
Farm Storage - Sorghum$250,094
90 Day - Rule$62,279
Naval Stores Conservation Program$47,576
Warehouse Storage - Barley$9,530
Farm Storage - Oats$243
Interest On CCC-6s$8
Diversion - Barley$-56
Diversion - Sorghum$-211
Emergency Feed Program$-1,408
Limited CA Coop Insovency Prog - Apricot$-1,572
Diversion - Corn$-3,318
Rice Marketing Expense Payments$-3,802
Diversion - Corn$-10,346
Limited CA Coop Insovency Prog - Tomato$-28,242
Farm Storage - Wheat$-139,788
Limited CA Coop Insovency Prog - Peach$-174,538
Payment Limitation$-6,880,018

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