Misc. Disaster Payments in New Jersey totaled $44.8 million from 1995-2014.

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Counties in New Jersey Receiving Misc. Disaster Payments payments, 1995-2014

Rank County Misc. Disaster Payments
Pct of
1Gloucester County, New Jersey$8,817,04119.7%19.7%
2Burlington County, New Jersey$6,642,68914.8%34.5%
3Atlantic County, New Jersey$6,220,99413.9%48.4%
4Salem County, New Jersey$5,386,56212.0%60.4%
5Cumberland County, New Jersey$4,219,4309.4%69.8%
6Camden County, New Jersey$3,325,1847.4%77.3%
7Warren County, New Jersey$2,507,6735.6%82.8%
8Monmouth County, New Jersey$2,030,1754.5%87.4%
9Hunterdon County, New Jersey$1,645,5683.7%91.1%
10Middlesex County, New Jersey$757,2111.7%92.7%
11Ocean County, New Jersey$706,7621.6%94.3%
12Mercer County, New Jersey$671,6661.5%95.8%
13Sussex County, New Jersey$665,7421.5%97.3%
14Somerset County, New Jersey$589,6061.3%98.6%
15Morris County, New Jersey$511,5761.1%99.8%
16Cape May County, New Jersey$106,6230.2%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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