Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program in Ohio totaled $4.2 million in 2011

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Counties in Ohio Receiving Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program payments, 2011

Rank County Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program
Pct of
1Meigs County, Ohio$944,41722.6%22.6%
2Clermont County, Ohio$479,61511.5%34.1%
3Muskingum County, Ohio$396,3409.5%43.6%
4Seneca County, Ohio$248,3415.9%49.5%
5Brown County, Ohio$181,6104.3%53.9%
6Crawford County, Ohio$158,5983.8%57.7%
7Hardin County, Ohio$113,2122.7%60.4%
8Pickaway County, Ohio$105,2342.5%62.9%
9Wood County, Ohio$104,7282.5%65.4%
10Licking County, Ohio$104,6902.5%67.9%
11Logan County, Ohio$103,7332.5%70.4%
12Highland County, Ohio$94,1342.3%72.7%
13Fulton County, Ohio$91,2932.2%74.9%
14Putnam County, Ohio$85,4352.0%76.9%
15Morgan County, Ohio$71,4491.7%78.6%
16Perry County, Ohio$50,5911.2%79.8%
17Adams County, Ohio$42,8741.0%80.9%
18Defiance County, Ohio$38,7450.9%81.8%
19Ashtabula County, Ohio$37,0190.9%82.7%
20Paulding County, Ohio$30,6860.7%83.4%
21Delaware County, Ohio$22,1380.5%83.9%
22Washington County, Ohio$21,7750.5%84.5%
23Pike County, Ohio$17,3740.4%84.9%
24Clinton County, Ohio$17,1410.4%85.3%
25Guernsey County, Ohio$16,6560.4%85.7%
26Ashland County, Ohio$13,6030.3%86.0%
27Athens County, Ohio$12,7770.3%86.3%
28Darke County, Ohio$12,1510.3%86.6%
29Lucas County, Ohio$10,2750.2%86.8%
30Trumbull County, Ohio$10,2270.2%87.1%
31Scioto County, Ohio$5,3950.1%87.2%
32Champaign County, Ohio$4,1480.1%87.3%
33Gallia County, Ohio$3,9850.1%87.4%
34Lawrence County, Ohio$2,3370.1%87.5%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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