USDA subsidies in Utah totaled $731 million from 1995-2014.

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Total USDA - Subsidies in Utah by county, 1995-2014
Rank County Total USDA - Subsidies
Pct of
1Box Elder County, Utah$179,049,64524.5%24.5%
2Utah NRCS$76,101,05210.4%34.9%
3Cache County, Utah$70,046,4399.6%44.5%
4San Juan County, Utah$54,916,0977.5%52.0%
5Millard County, Utah$48,076,6536.6%58.6%
6Utah County, Utah$42,593,4525.8%64.4%
7Sanpete County, Utah$31,280,0524.3%68.7%
8Juab County, Utah$29,786,0124.1%72.8%
9Uintah County, Utah$23,794,5003.3%76.0%
10Duchesne County, Utah$23,431,0703.2%79.2%
11Emery County, Utah$19,499,3422.7%81.9%
12Rich County, Utah$13,977,1871.9%83.8%
13Iron County, Utah$13,179,3341.8%85.6%
14Beaver County, Utah$12,443,8591.7%87.3%
15Sevier County, Utah$10,257,7311.4%88.7%
16Washington County, Utah$9,471,7641.3%90.0%
17Weber County, Utah$9,273,7991.3%91.3%
18Wayne County, Utah$8,935,3851.2%92.5%
19Summit County, Utah$6,939,4200.9%93.5%
20Piute County, Utah$6,672,4640.9%94.4%
21Tooele County, Utah$6,303,2860.9%95.2%
22Garfield County, Utah$6,119,0450.8%96.1%
23Kane County, Utah$5,287,3690.7%96.8%
24Carbon County, Utah$5,237,8940.7%97.5%
25Salt Lake County, Utah$4,707,8610.6%98.2%
26Morgan County, Utah$3,593,8880.5%98.7%
27Davis County, Utah$3,564,9200.5%99.1%
28Daggett County, Utah$2,750,3160.4%99.5%
29Wasatch County, Utah$2,462,2130.3%99.9%
30Grand County, Utah$1,088,3500.1%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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